Arduino and Android

Hi guys i am trying to work on a project to create a button on android to on a led on the arduino. i was following this link however there was a lot of error in the coding.

is there any other resources that provide step by step explanation? please help

Using Bluetooth:

Using USB cable (on narrow range of phones)

Ditto but better range of phones

My book: 'Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius' http://www.duinodroid.comcovers the first 2 plus Ethernet and a sound-based link.

Ive started with processing. Defiantly seems a bit easer for now. Less of a learning curve on the android side as i'm concentrating more on the arduino side for now. Still ive picked up a lot of info along the way, xml manifests and such like. Planning a more full on app development later in the year with no processing. Still the good thing was i had a test sketch up and running on android in no time. I'm going to use bluetooth for communication, hopefully just by adding a T9JRN41-1 to the serial tx/rx. Got a 3.3v regulator and a pre made ttl level converter (very cheep). I haven't hooked it all up yet but fingers crossed it will all be fine.

Processing for Android! When did that happen?

Great idea.

Defiantly. It strikes me it is also a really good educational tool for leaning to program. Processing is nice and simple and the fact that it runs on android keeps it modern and relevant for people just getting into it. It's the best BBC/Spectrum type platform for 2012 ive seen i think.

The processing for android seems to be beta version. Nevertheless I’m keeping an eye on the project. I use Processing on PC and once tried mobile processing on java phones. It’s about time to get processing to work on android so even people like myself can write a program or two on their phones.

i am having this error msg. can anyone help?

in file included from /Applications/
/Applications/ error: conflicting return type specified for ‘virtual void Max_LCD::write(uint8_t)’
/Applications/ error: overriding ‘virtual size_t Print::write(uint8_t)’