Arduino (and maybe processing?) To loop video on Mac vlc then trigger next video

HI just hoping to ask your brains for help!

My Project (Indiana jones/aladdin experience)

I have 3 projectors in a small room all connected to the same Mac as an extended screen.
I have a plint (stand) holding an idol for the audience to walk towards and pick up.
Under said idol is a cardboard box with a motor that will rotate a to create a "rumble" effect

Okay so here's the logic of what I'm trying to do:


  • atmospheric video plays on continuous loop (video of the temple at its idle state)
  • Motor is off

When the Ultrasonic sensor is trigger by the idle being picked up:

  • Arduino switches to next video in VLC playlist and plays through (about 1 minute) (video of temple shaking and boulder slowly rolling through and down at audience)
    *Motor begins running to create rumble
    **Sound plays through raspberry pi connected to speaker (this is extra I can also just lay sound in video)


  • returns to original video and loops
    *motor is turned off

Now. Am I crazy? I have been researching a while and found many answers but hard to decide which is the best path.

I appreciate any and all help or directions to the best places to find a good starting code

Sounds plausible. Do you have an idea of how you will direct the operations of the Mac?

You can simulate keystrokes with an Arduino for open loop and low rent control.

What is the source of the sound?

the Ultrasonic sensor

What ultrasonic sensor? Do you just mean "some way of detecting when someone does something"? If so, what should trigger a response from the Arduino? There may be a best way to detect that.

The Arduino actual software part should be very straight ahead.


The source of the sound would be loaded onto the raspberry pi (but like I said right now its an afterthought lol) and would be playing through a separate speaker.
But right now I've been trying to even get the coding to work for Arduino and processing.

I am trying to have the idle video looping until the ultrasonic sensor detects the "idol" on the platform has moved (creating distance) and then it would trigger a second video to play through until it ends, then back to original loop.

I mean maybe I need to figure out the processing side. I have been researching for a while and am very confused. Feel like I'm getting closer and than further away xD

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