Play a video when a conductive sensor or touch sensor is touched

Hi, i am trying to do a project but i am new to coding. I have read countless of forums but everytime there was no conclusion to coding and things to buy.

I want to do an art installation with projection mapping in mind. I want that when a person touch a conductive material a video file is played and when a person remove his hand from the conductive material it will stop and show a blank image.

I am going to have a 2 video files with audio;
Sample 1
Sample 2

When the sensor trigger a proximity to it, it plays sample 1 to blink slowly, this video is going to have overlaid the application prismatik so i can override the video into leds information. Prismatik is no problem cause i done before.

When the sensor trigger a touch to it, it plays sample 1 and 2. When the person leaves the sensor, both sample 1 and 2 stops and eveything start up from the the first frame.

I am going to use mac mini as a personal computer. I read about there are a lot of VJ software or Multitrack Audio/Video software, which accept MIDI signals as triggers. (for ex, on a C 4th octave play the video n°2, on E play n°4 ect..) but i can't understand how nothing. Can someone help please.

How do I go about controlling a video file on a computer, using the arduino? Do I need any special equipment or software?

There are lots of ways to do this.

If it were me I would use the language Processing on the PC to read signals sent to it from the arduino to trigger the video.

can you tell me how or any good website?

Try here :wink:

No one is going to do your project for you unless you pay them.
Do you want to do that?
Otherwise we help you learn, no desire to learn then no help.

So do you actually have this MIDI-aware software? Have you read the manual? Does that give you any clues on how to hook it up?

It seems like a back-to-front way of doing things. It could work but you're going to need some MIDI hardware sitting in between the Arduino and the computer.

I'd investigate a Rasberry Pi. I think you can play video on those and talk directly to a sensor.