Arduino and pic

it can be possible that i write arduino code including hex file and and reading datasheet of pic microcontroller to program pic microcontroller

Sure. There are a few different boards platforms that add PIC microcontroller support to the Arduino IDE. Here are the ones I can think of offhand:

it's not usefull to me i want to program pic12f675

why a new thread when you have not addressed the issues raised in this one

re programming voltage

Why not just spend £15 on a programmer?

The programming protocol is very well documented, and writting the code should be quite easy if it's just for one chip. External power would be needed, but this can be controlled with a MOSFET or transistor.

If you want useful answers then you need to make the effort to ask good questions.

My answer was perfectly well suited to the question you asked, but because you didn't ask the question you really wanted to have answered, it wasted both of our time.

You could build a board like this :
DIY Programmer

I'm not sure it will work with a USB -> Serial cable, but for the BOM cost, It would be worth your while trying.

Have to laugh. :rofl:

You want to program an Arduino in order to program a PIC. :roll_eyes:

this is usefull for me .my work is done

You mean MY work is done!

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