a PIC for arduino?

hello! i am searching for a way to make a PIC based board that can be programmed like arduino(like with arduino IDE).i know that there are some basic differences between the avr and the pic,but i am kinda desperate here(local shopkeepers keep only pic's and ordering an arduino would be way too costly).i googled it and read about some of the boards available,but only got more confused.is it possible to make a board based on pic,but can be progammed with arduino IDE?if yes,how can i do that?are there any good tutorials there?and if not,is there any alternative to that?also,can an existing arduino board(arduino uno in my case)be used as the programmer?(or even better;direct connection with usb?) please reply.any help appreciated.


You can Google for more. A free IDE is available from Microchip as a 'student' edition... Google for the link.

Arduino is mostly AVR-based, so you need to find a PIC-friendly forum to ask all those remaining questions. It's just not professional to use Arduino's website/bandwidth to discuss this issue.

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Digilent.com makes a couple of boards called Chipkits with PIC32 chips that are programmed using the Multiplatform Arduino-compatible IDE, MP-IDE, so it looks like you're programming an Arduino. However, it might be difficult to replicate boards like this yourself, as they are smt chips, and Digilent spent a lot of time modifying the dev tools to look like Arduino.

OTOH, Microchip has their free MPLAB IDE and free C compilers for PIC18, PIC24, and PIC32 chips, so you have free development tools for those, although they're not nearly as easy to use as the Arduino IDE. Also, to get started, you'd need a PICKIT2 programmer to burn the chips.

thanks for the replies! thanks for the suggestions too!again chipkits and PICKITs are not available here,and are expensive,so i'll look for another alternative XD .i thought that since a big part of the board/pic/whatever i was going to make was going to be dependent on the arduino platform,it'd be right to ask it here.i'd be more careful next time. :)

http://www.pinguino.cc/ http://blog.pinguino.cc/?p=75 http://jaluino.org/

But I fear that you may not have access to the appropriate PIC chips, either.

The big stumbling block for PIC arduino-like boards is the lack of a good freeware C++ compiler (for 8bit PICs.)