Program pic12f675

how to program 12f675 using arduino
can i try tx - pgd
rx - pgc
5v - vdd
gnd - vss
in arduino nano upload isp code and than using command prompt and hex file upload

Can you program a PIC using the Arduino IDE ?

Try a Google search on;

'Programming a PIC with Arduino'

'Program pic12f675 Arduino'

For some ideas.

Look at this link.

I gather all you want to do is load the code, not write the code.

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Please provide a longer answer. You connot write code for the PIC series of Microcontrollers with the Arduino IDE. You CAN program the Arduino to be a programmer.

i write code in mplab and create a hex file i want to upload in pic12f675 using arduino nano how i do it

Did you read the link in post#4?

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How to Build PIC programmer using Arduino updated - YouTube this will be used for pic12f675 ???

how do you propose to generate the vpp (programming voltage) for that chip
since it is not capable of lvp ? [low voltage programming]

Hi, @rjaydip .
I recently wrote a sketch to load the ".HEX" into a PIC using an arduino.
I only tested it with the PIC16F628A.
It does not use the PIC's LVP feature.
But at the moment I am on a semi-deserted beach far from my house, and here I only have a tablet.
I return to my home next week, and if you still want a copy of the sketch by then, I can provide it.
I have never tested it on other PIC models.

RV mineirin

ok i will wait

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