Arduino and RF 433MHz Tranceiver

I want some help connecting Arduino Uno R3 with RF 433 Mhz tranceiver and reed switch.
Actually I want to connect RF receiver with Arduino and RF transmitter with reed switch. It should work like this :
When magnet is removed, reed switch gets open and transmits signal which should received by the receiver which is connected with Arduino which in turn trigger an audio alarm (using piezo buzzer).

Is it possible to connect RF transmitter directly with the reed switch?


If it's something like these:

you need a microcontroller at both sides, and you need to use virtualwire and/or understand how these units work - the automatic gain control can have non-intuitive consequences.

If it's something like these:

You don't, because that has a little chip at either end to do the communicating.

DrAzzy, Thanks for replying. I am thinking to use the first one that you have provided here. Is there any other way becoz using controller like Arduino at both end is not cost effective.

How about a Promini at both ends? Only a couple dollars each supposedly.

For the transmitting end, this is a window/door sensor complete with reed switch wired to a 433MHz transmitter that sends a serial stream based on the settings on an 8 switch DIP switch for $2 USD.

Then you just need a 433MHz receiver on the other end, connected to an Arduino.

Unless you need something else done on the reed switch end, this should do.

It has a PT2262 remote control transmitter encoder in it, but it is just a simple serial stream. There is also a 4093 Quad two input NAND schmitt gate IC on it, no idea what it is for. Perhaps to control how often it transmits when triggered, to allow more than one to send with a crude anti-collision.

More than this, but this basic idea:

Find attached pictures of what is inside.