Arduino; Android app; 5x RGB LED strips

Hello guys,

I do not have experience in hardware so I would like to have some insights from you (expert) guys.

I would like to control 5x RGB LED Strips from an Android application (developed by me), which should connect to an Arduino to give instructions to a specific RGB LED strip. Just one strip should be active at the same time. If one is on, the other ones should be off.

The first question is: Which Arduino should I buy? I already bought an Arduino Uno Wifi, but I think that I made a bad choice because from a bluetooth connection might be a good option. (I do not have a specific network to be connected. The project should work as “standalone”)

The second question is: Can I have just a strip and split it in 5 parts, or should I buy 5 strips instead? Maybe it’s a stupid question, but I need to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I will attach an image to explain what is the final goal.

Thanks in advance for your time.