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I would like to make a sound card project with 2 stereo input and 1 stereo output that will send this output to the computer (and the 2 input stereo from the computer too). All are 44.1khz

I did a search for "usb audio" and I came across these results

I imagine that :
Can the Due be a good platform to tell the PC computer that it has 2 stereo inputs and one stereo output?

Maybe the teensy 3.2 or the Arduino nano every can do that too and be comfortable to handle these 3 * 2 monos?

If not, maybe 3 Arduino nano every (or teensy 3.2) connected to a hub would do the trick?

I have an Arduino Uno configured in USB Midi (moco Lufa) but I saw this article: Arduino Sound Card - #3 by liamorourke


What do you want the Arduino to do with the audio? Your post isn't clear on this. If it's only switching the output between either of the inputs, any Arduino will do together with perhaps some CMOS switches or a couple of relays.

If you want to use the Arduino as a DSP, you're (1) looking at the higher end range, so forget about Uno's, Nano's and I severely doubt you'd get far with a Nano Every either, and (2) you're in the deep end of embedded systems design if you are serious about DSP applications.

Also, what kind of input/output signals do you envision? You mention 441.kHz which suggests digital. Are we talking SP/DIF here or something like that? Or do you want to stream audio over USB? In case of the latter, I don't think any Arduino is suitable as you'll need a microcontroller that identifies as a USB sound device with the host computer - I think the STM32F4xxx series would be a candidate. But although those can be 'Arduino-ed', it is again another complication on top of your already challenging task.

So let's hear what you actually want to do with those sound input & outputs, because this is going to make the difference between "you might get it done" and "prepare for 10+ years of studying, experimenting & building knowledge" (no offense, but your post makes it clear you have virtually zero experience in embedded systems).

Thanks for your answer.

I want to work with USB, getting 2 stereos from my computer.
With an analog circuit, i mix the 2 stereos and the result goes, in my computer via the same µc ? (i use a dj sofware who detects 2 stereos output and one input stereo and the software, from my computer, works in 44.1khz.

I think the most difficult is passing a long time on µc datasheet. I have to known the USB protocol.
I am studying "USB Complete The Developer's Guide 4th Ed" book.

If i can find an exemple that brings a 44.1khz stereo from computer via USB it is good. From Teensy, Arduino nano every, STM32F4xxx it is good. No matter if i take 3 parts of theses system. It is clear that a system which pull 2 stereo and push one in the same time it is more professional why not.

I hope i have brought more clarification.


Not really, sorry. Partly it's a language problem, but in part I'm afraid you're still very very confused by all this.

You complicate things too much.

Like i said from the first message :

I would like to make a sound card project with 2 stereo input and 1 stereo output that will send this output to the computer (and the 2 input stereo from the computer too). All are 44.1khz

I did a search for "usb audio" and I came across these results

So it is clear i don't want use DSP.

I'm looking for an example with an arduino that can:

  • Tell the computer that it has 2 input stereos and 1 output stereo.
  • The Arduino must be able to handle a total of 3 stereos of 44.1 kHz each.

You're not being clear on what you want.

Which ones?

Not to me. Like I said, it's not clear at all what you want or what kind of signal inputs and outputs you have. You keep saying 44.1kHz but that says nothing apart from it apparently being a digital signal. But over what kind of interface?

You mention having found them via Google, so problem solved!?

This is an advantage as you quickly answer unfortunately the content is empty.

Thank you anyway

It is possible for Arduino-like boards to pass audio over USB (input and output). Arduino Mbed natively supports this. A raspberry pi pico can both get audio from a computer and convert it to analog using PWM or PDM. I've written a library to perform 64-times oversampling with a 4th order modulator on the pico for USB audio streaming and digital to analog conversion. However I am unsure how you would

I'm not sure that is possible even with multiple devices (but maybe someone has done it). For instance, if you play two different songs on your computer they end up digitally mixed on the USB streamer. You never get two separate streams.

Well here it is! It's interesting! We understand each other better now.

Thank you for your cooperation and it is a pleasure to communicate with you.

I keep you informed.


Isn't is nice that we apparently apparently have this in common?

Good luck.

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Obviously, but with a nice offset :slightly_smiling_face:

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