Arduino Braccio

hi, is the Arduino Braccio robot arm exclusively supported by or are there also libs provided including extended / enhanced future development?

I'm certain that will not be writing any official libraries to support a product exclusively sold by It's possible that 3rd parties may write libraries for Braccio and it's likely those libraries would be compatible with both the .cc and the .org IDE. It's just a shield so you should be able to use the .org Braccio library with the .cc IDE if you wanted to:

After that you will see the demonstration sketches at File > Examples > Braccio. They all compiled for me in the .cc IDE. Note that ciaoBraccio requires you to also install the Ciao library: same installation process as described for the Braccio library)

yes, thank you - installation of the libs is 1 point of view, but support by the hardware and software developers and by users in the forums is another thing. Unless there will be full software promotion it's not supposed to be well supported in these .cc forums then expectedly, I guess (CMIIW).

As I said, I think support by the .cc developers is highly unlikely. Support by the community is possibly even more important.

This forum has gotten pretty good at providing support for the Ethernet Shield 2 but the issue of pointing users to the correct library for their Ethernet controller chip was already pretty common before that product was released. Figuring out how to make the work with the .cc IDE has been another success I’ve seen here on the forum. It may just be a matter of time with some of the products but it’s difficult to support hardware you don’t own and some experienced users here are unwilling to buy from .org so it may come down to a question of whether clones will become available.

Unless there will be full software promotion it’s not supposed to be well supported in these .cc forums then expectedly, I guess (CMIIW).

I wouldn’t go that far. There are many well supported products here that don’t have “full software promotion” such as ESP8266, CH340 based Chinese clone boards, and ATmega1284P but there is a bit more politics associated with .org. My opinion is that if I can help someone out I’ll do it, regardless of where they bought the hardware.

ok, thank you, that sounds really a little more promising than I suspected so far. Thanks for your input! 8)