Arduino Capacitor Exploded

Hello guys, Ive recently noticed that the led thats labeled "L" (the one that you can control with pin 13) was dimmer than usual. I started to check the board visually because i dont have a multimeter and discovered a burn mark at the right side of the usb port (looking the board from the top), the traces are broken and there is no capacitor and no solder pads. I wanted to know if someone could tell me the value of this capacitor so i can buy a replacement and what could be the possible causes of this "explosion"? it is an arduino mega 2560 r3.

By the way here is a photo of the burn mark

I can't see the photo....

New year festivities?

Looking at my UNO (SMD version actually) rather than the schematics, it has a relatively thick track and is presumably a Vcc bypass.

Either Vcc was applied in reverse, or the capacitor was placed backwards. If you can manage to solder a 10µF tantalum, either leaded or SMD into the position it should be OK.

Maybe it was just faulty.

Well, my device is around 1 year old by now so i dint think its a factory defect, i almost always use usb, i think that capacitor is connected to the shield of the usb port and the other end goes to the little ic, by the way thanks for the quick reply