What’s the connection between and

The other day I received the attached e-mail welcoming me to the Arduino Project Hub. The e-mail appears to have originated with, but the links within point to which appears to be an IoT focussed resource. Although I am subscribed to the forum, I haven’t registered with the project hub on or for ANY service on so I would be most concerned if were passing my login credentials to another entity without my consent!

Of particular concern was this statement:

Please note: your account will allow you to log in onto any site.

I haven’t tried logging in nor will I attempt to do so until this can be confirmed as legit.
Can anyone shed any light on this please?

The Arduino Project Hub uses the system.

we are really excited to launch Arduino Project Hub, our tutorial platform powered by

So I would expect an email like this after getting an Arduino Project Hub account.

As for that happening automatically, I'm not sure what the story is. I signed up for Arduino Project Hub years ago, so I didn't recently receive any emails like this.

Ok, so it seems that there is a connection. I was not previously aware of this. As regards signing up, I did that quite a while back as well so I'm not sure what may have prompted the recent e-mail.

Hackster has seperate settings for email notifications so to change that you must change them inside the Hackster profile.

The sign (SSO) in you use for Arduino should be transparently shared with hackster unless you used a different method.
When you are signed in over there click the small down arrow by your avatar and select "account settings"
In there you can change things.