Arduino Cloud - Brazil not Available

Would anyone know why Arduino cloud paid plans are not available for Brazil?
And if there is any forecast to release?
Or if there is another alternative for me to purchase one of these plans?

Not only is Arduino Cloud unavailable in Brazil, but also certification.

So far, I haven't figured out why Brazil is apparently the only place in the world where these services are not available.

Any perspective of making the Arduino Cloud Iot plans available in Brazil?

You can't use a VPN?

VPN doesn't work to use Arduino Cloud here in Brazil. Tried that one myself and it didn't help. Also, I recently bought an Arduino Opla kit and was granted with a yearly subscription to use the Makers Plan, but to this day I've been unable to use it due to the fact that this service is not available in Brazil. Since certifications were made available here, I was wondering when would Arduino Cloud also be accessible to Brazilian public.

make a petition

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