Arduino components tester

I tried a project that i seen on arduino project hub it is arduino based electronics components tester it consists of arduino uno, 16x2 lcd display, and some resistors. I replica this project and my display show some random things why?can anyone pls help me

Original project link:- ArduTester V1.13: The Arduino UNO Transistor Tester - Arduino Project Hub

Based on the information You give, no. No help.
What have YOU done? The source of inspiration does not tell anything.


I would have thought that by your 10th post you'd know what information is needed to stand any chance of getting a helpful reply. No matter...

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I don't understand. :astonished:

Why did you not just buy it in a working state? :roll_eyes:

Much cheaper, and ready to use. :sunglasses:

Most of us here have one. :grinning:

Can you post some pictures of your project so we ca see your component layout?

Thanks... Tom.... :slight_smile:

Yep , I have one of those cheap testers :NPN,PNP,FET’s ( with leg identity) diodes, resistors , capacitors - very clever !!