Arduino Connections Sketcher

What is the used tool to prepare such sketches?, I want to show the different component connection with Arduino UNO as in the picture.

That is Fritzing. This is a graphic representation system, but the item on the right might not be a proper component and it looks like somebody has simply rung in a photo of what I believe is an I2C 16x2 LCD. This is not unreasonable but the proper symbol may be available anyway. (?)

Be aware that such sketches offer nice eye candy, but are also prone to highly unreadable circuits for anything more than three components (and often with less than that). That's why Fritzing is thoroughly disliked here. I'm using the images for teaching but only for the beginners classes (very simple circuits - it helps wiring it up) and always in conjunction with a real circuit diagram.

Do learn to draw and read proper circuit diagrams! It's of course a bit more of a learning curve but so much more useful in the end.

Thank You very much!

Do you have any idea how I can insert Base Shield V2 and make it part of my list in Fritzing? I looked around, but I didn't find it.

You do not really need a drawing for the shield. It just breaks out the pins to different headers. I don't use fritzing but I'm quite sure that you can 'connect' multiple wires to one pin in which case you can simply use the symbol for an Uno.

This is an annoyance I had in my momentary attempts to use Fritzing. The only value of a fritzing diagram is to show a beginner "plug this wire in right here and plug that in right there". That only works if you have the parts, but the extremely common parts I needed didn't exist. I then went down the rabbit hole of making my own part, which was unreasonably difficult and time consuming. After that I wanted nothing more to do with that program ever again. The last I checked, development on the project had ceased, other than a fork attempting to do a web-based version (ewww).

Fritzring is a great program, but in the hands of a beginner the results are less than perfect.
It can create perfect schematics and pictures like drawings.
Unfortunately all too often noobs post useless cartoons from the cartoon view and instead of saying to switch to the schematic view, the software is blamed

Just in case you want to see the WALL OF SHAME

does this work ? schematic