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A Fritzing diagram certainly has some uses, for example showing an absolute beginner how to use a breadboard to prototype a circuit consisting of a led and series resistor (assuming some unambiguous way is found of representing the led polarity, that is). However, for other purposes there are usually much better alternatives, even schematics drawn by hand can be better.

Anyway, we all know this and all have had to stare at horrible, blurred images where essential detail has been obscured say by carelessly drawn wires hiding pin numbers etc.

So, as a bit of light relief, I am opening this thread where we can present the worst examples we have come across together with some constructive comments showing possible areas where the author could have improved and without causing unnecessary offense.

I'll start it off with these exhibits.

Found on: Hardware Experiments with Fritzing « Paul Boddie's Free Software-related blog
Comment: Too busy. All wires the same colour

Found on:
Comment: lacks clarity

Found on: IR receiver hot
Comment: exemplary

A good, hand drawn schematic can often be much better that a Fritzing. Here is an exemplary specime from: [SOLVED] Uncontrolled behaviour while compiling - #17 by ArduinoStarter1



I agree with what you are saying and suggest not wasting time on it. The energy spent on schematic capture will go a long way in understanding electronics. They also take a lot of time looking up the modules as many times the labels are missing or cannot be read.

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