Arduino controlled graphical fountain

Hi, been busy in software/hardware for the graphical fountain. You can see at youtube some expensive graphical fountains:

This is our (Arduino Community) 2011 PROJECT..Here is my scheme and current work so far: 1- Programming a Image (Bitmap) software. This software will convert the image into Black and White. The White will be '0' bits whereas the Black will be'1' bits. 2- Making a structure having a top with open reservoir Just atmospheric pressure) , on which we will install Solenoid operated valves. Lets suppose 16 valves at the top in a row. 3- Considering 16 SOV, we will make the software to generate image of 2-bytes in a row. Each bit will be considered as ON or OFF. 4- The Hardware will include Arduino microcontroller that will take the data from the Image software for each row (2 bytes)thru SERIAL PORT (USB)throw the data to the shift registers that will decide which valve will be ON and which Valve will be OFF... 5- The timing can be adjusted in the image software

Current Progress: 1- Software is almost in infancy stages. can generate bits depends upon the number of solenoid valves. This software will transfer the data through serial post.just check the attach picture, yes, this is infancy stage of graphical fountain binary code generator. It takes Black and White WMF file, convert it into binary files. The Black appears '1' and the white appears '0'. The attached pictures shows that their are 50 solenoid valves. so 50bits for on/off of these solenoid valves. You can customize the generated binary code for upto 100 solenoid valves, however this can be increase more... The more solenoid valves, the better the resolution.

Now check each rows. we will send each row to the micro-controller in the form of bits through 74HC595 SIPO bit shifter. HC595 gets 3-lines in from the micro-controller and output 8 lines. these registers when connected in series gives tremendous output with only 3-inputs from micro-controller.

Now in microseconds one complete row of solenoid will be operated. The delay between the next line may be adjustable....

2- purchased 24VDC 16x solenoid valves

The complete details can be seen in following thread at cnczone:

Consider a Chess board falling from fountain… just removed the 0 bits… Just think the ‘1’ is falling water pattern.