Arduino Create Agent not recognized (win7/chrome)

Just downloaded and instaleld (two times ) Create Agent plugin

Installation goes Ok, I was prompted for root certificate installation and I provide “install” and I was prompted by firewall and I added .exe in the exception

No chance to auto detetc plugin or to upload sketches via online IDE

In tray bar I have icon with arduino logo and color, no action clicking it

SO win7 32bit Browser chrome

br Davide

Hi Davide, were you prompted to restart Chrome in the plugin installation flow? Restarting Chrome adds the HTTPS certificate.

It might be a firewall problem, try open the ports from 8990 to 9001 (even only one if you prefer).

When you click on the tray icon you don't see the menu opening?

Thank you for your report!

Thanks for support !

Here is my user experience

I have not been advised to restart chorme…the process stuck trying to find the plugin

Ok for the FW opening, I have added the executable program as an exception If I add to open specific port just let me know how to build the rule (just internal traffic??) and the specific protocol (TCP, UDP..)

Clicking or right clicking on the tray icon no changes..

this evening I will try again restarting chrome and setting specific FW roule for the port


Thanks for your reply! We haven't done extensive testing on Win7 cause it is a bit old now and we are focusing our effort on Win8 and Win10, let us know how it goes and based on your feedback we will try to debug on a Win7 as well.


to me sounds quite strange to consider win7 old and obsolete...don't the official data but in my mind win7 is still predominant

coming to my experience after pc restart is even worse !

now I'm able to login to create, I see the dashboard but when I try to enter web ide the process stuck on "logging into your arduino crate.."

I'm able to open cloud and IoT sections

the good news is that the icon in try bar now works and if I click on it I can see the menu including serial debugging

any suggestion?


Win7 is not obsolete at all, we just spent a little less time testing on it :) We found another community member with Win7 that will help us debug this issue.

In the meantime to debug the "logging into your arduino crate.." issue, would you mind trying from an incognito window in Chrome?

Thanks a lot!

issue solved...I didn't change anything...jsut some PC restart in meanwhile

succeded in compiling and loading my first sketch...first user experience good, imported some libraries and sketches and works seamlesly

I'm abosoute promoter of online ide...maintaining a compete toolchain on local PC for me is non sense in cloud era...hope you will continue to develop the online IDE, add new boards and open to third party

br Davide

Thank you Davide! Glad you were able to do everything as expected!!

Hi. I'm still in the bad part, I've the activated icon but mozilla must not look at it, allways "No Pugin connection". I'm starting hating these words

Any other possible solution, I've reinstalled several times and reboot everything several times too

Thanks (a bit desesperate)

Hi @juanre Don't be desperate! Let's look into your issue: - are you on Firefox and Win7? - have you tried with Chrome? - do you have any Firewall install? - could you send us the console output of your browser (on Chrome: right click on browser, click Inspect Element, Console tab)

Thanks for your feedback!