Arduino Create plugin

Good evening,

I am trying to install the Arduino Create plugin to be able to use the On-Line Arduino editor. I am trying to install it in a raspberry 3 with Debian. I am new in raspberry so i don't know where is the mistake.

I am following the instructions in the page Arduino Cloud - Getting started

  1. I download the file
  2. I extract the file from the file ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1-linux-x64-installer-chrome.tar.gz & i get a file named
  3. I open it with the LXTerminal
  4. a file named pR@@X}8 is created in the same folder but anything else happen

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot

Arduino doesn't provide a plugin version for the Raspberry Pi. You'll need to compile and install the plugin yourself. You can find instructions here:

There is no installer, so you'll need to do that yourself, including installing the certificates. There's some information about that here:

but note that topic is from 2016 so I don't recommend using the pre-compiled plugin facchinm offers, since it's outdated now.