Arduino data to pc

I got two factors that I want to keep track of, the voltage and the amps. I know it's possible to connect the Arduino directly to the laptop and have excel do the live feed with data streamer.
But I want it to be able to store the data on a USB drive or any storing possibilities without the use of any additional shields. Because they can be quite pricey sometimes.
does anybody know if it's possible?

I have experience of directly soldering an SD card resizing adapter (that obtain from trash) to a 3.3V Pro Mini and recording data to micro SD card.
But why do you not want to use a shield?
I think they are very cheap to purchase on ebay and so on.


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It's a little project that I am doing on my intern. And they want most of the components to be bought at their sites. And they can go up to 20 euros. I might choose them if the Pros are bigger than their cons. But I want to keep the price on the low side.
I have to keep in mind that it might be produced and sold so I can't do it the way of "if it works it works". :frowning: .

On AliExpress micro SD card reader is under $1.


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