Arduino drone multiwii with sensors update contribution

Hi everyone would like to bring this up again should anyone be interested
im sure some of you are familiar of multiwii this the one that started the DIY drone revolution

in recent years alot of sensors it was originally developed with are discontinued production and thinking we need a new sensor library updates for all the new ones

so far I only manage a handful of new sensors implementation which why im asking help

link posted on github if you wish to Fork or Contribute

with the current sensors for multiwii as of 2020-2021

Magnetometer HMC5883 and HMC5843 are discontinued - pls migrate to QMC5883 and MMC5883

Barometer BMP085 and BMP180 are hard to come by as this is written - Pls migrate to BMP280

GYRO and ACC MPU6050 combo + ACC (Possible support for MPU9250)