Arduino Drone

Hello, its time for my graduation project and I have a few ideas in mind, one of them is a drone. Here goes my "plan".I will build a drone and control it over bluetooth using android app. I will buy the parts online - 4 motors, 4 propellers, battery and a frame. I already have the arduino, so I will have to buy only the bluetooth module. I know the range of this thing will be very low, I have thought about using radio emitter, but there are almost no smartphones with such. The problem is that I have no idea how complicated the things will get, any other time I would just buy them and see, but this time the parts are relatively expensive, and I dont want to waste time and money. So ... what do you guys think?Are there and bumps that I should consider before diving into such project? Any help/advice will be good.

Maybe some good stuff in here.

Thanks, I will check it out.

In its simplest form...

you will be sending serial data from one device (ie: cell phone)..

to another device: (ie: the Arduino).

where the end point device (ie: again the Arduino)... will receive and parse this serial data.

Once the serial data is parsed, you have your code behave as such depending on the serial 'command' just parsed.

IMHO... the hardest part of this will be the Android app..

The rest is covered by the serial basics sticky here by Robin2 I believe..

At that point its just having your 'drone' code accept the command/instruction and have as such.... I'm sure all the adjustment code will be part of some public post/sketch..

What are you going to use for your Android app? I have used MIT App Inventor 2 to make some really quick BT apps before..