Arduino DUE- chip overheating, cant upload, L led and ON led shinning

Hello there,

I got a problem with my Arduino DUE, if I connect it to my PC via programmable USB port, computer recognizes it, I can also see the information about the board, but thats it...I cant upload anything, if I press the reset button nothing happens, the same with the erase button....any recommendation how to test the board if it is still working?

I have found a way to test the communication with connecting RX and TX ports and connecting reset pin to GND...after that I have sent via serial monitor some text...the RX and TX LEDs next to the USB port were blinking....on the serial monitor I received the same text as I have sent

THX for your answers

Providing you have connected your board via the programming Port, you have done the correct selection in Menu > Tools>Boards > Arduino Due (Programming Port), a correct selection of COM port, and a good USB cable (lots of problems with faulty USB cables !) then:

Push the erase button for 3 seconds, then push the reset button for 3 seconds, then check you still have the correct COM port, then upload a minimal sketch to your board, it should work.

If you observe an overheating of a chip on the board, ask a refund to your reseller.