Arduino Electronic Inventory Management System


I'm looking to build an Arduino powered electronic inventory system to keep track of my servos, and other electronic & mechanical parts.

I want to be able to scan custom QR codes (That store what the part is, how many parts in the pack (if they're in a pack), part number, etc..) when checking out a part and have it relay to a website/display (Like this) to show that the part was taken from stock.

Then if the total stock reaches below a certain number, it sends an email telling me to order more. Once I get my new shipment, I'll label them with the QR code and tell the website/display that I'm adding stock, and it will update the number of total stock.

How would I go about doing this and what would I need?

(I know the link I attached to show the website/display example is already a tutorial similar to what I'm looking for but I don't know how to implement QR code capabilities on it. I really like the format of that website/display because I can add pictures of everything and it looks nice and easy to navigate ).

(I've also seen this post but it's not much help (most of the links don't work, and I'm looking for free/open source inventory management system softwares).

Start with a raspberry pi.

Barcodes should be available for each and every part from manufacturers.

Start with databse of all your parts

Add in desired reorder levels.

This might be better done using a PC , there might even be free software for it

exactly. like the link the OP offered

(Using a Raspberry Pi for your own Inventory Management System – CoreConduit Consulting Services)

Using a Raspberry Pi for your own Inventory Management System

anyone know how to post a link that opens a new window on this platform ?

Highlight, Copy and Paste URL from the URL window.

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in the old forum, you can have a link open in the same window, or open a new window.
I have not figured how to do that here yet.

It was and now is a real nuisance, because particularly with a phone or to a lesser extent, a tablet, having to navigate back into the forum means reloading all of the detail. Dropping a tab is easier.

So I now have to right click and "open in new tab" all of these links. (Using a tabbed browser of course. :grin:)

And yes, inventory management on an Arduino platform sounds extremely impractical.

I have HAD to buy a smartphone and the forum is one of the least things I would want to run on it.

I had to buy mine for work purposes and apart from running apps that need very little or no "keyboard".
I wouldn't even consider any sort of data entry "app" on a smarty.
PC or laptop yes, tablet, may be, but I would have to be desperate!

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Did you not buy it to scan the QR codes?

The stupid Service NSW app frequently fouls up on allowing me to check out again. :crazy_face:


No, I prefer to write my name and phone number, but have loaded the "App".

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PS. One reason, humidity/temp calibrated sensor used at work for sensor veryification has no display, it uses Bluey Toof.

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