QR code reader, WiFi, and water valve

Hello all!

I'm fairly new to Arduino (other than a 2 week course a few years ago).

I have quite a complex project and I'm basically just wanting to know if its possible. I want to read a QR code and then send the decoded string to a web page/server which would then check the decoded string and send back a boolean value to the Arduino board which should open a small valve(water) if true for a set period of time.

Is this possible. Thank you in advance for any advice, Ross

I want to read a QR code

That bit right there is the most difficult part whether or not it's for an Arduino. There are some freeware QR code scanners available for PC etc. so one way to do it would be to photograph the code on the Arduino and then send the image to the server for decoding (I think the Arduino could handle an image of sufficient resolution that it could be decoded). But unless you have the actual source code to be able to build the QR decoder, you won't be able to that part on the Arduino.



Thanks, I realized that part may be tricky. My other option is to run the QR part off an android phone; I am able to code an app to do this but then I would need the phone to send a boolean value to the Arduino (USB, bluetooth maybe?), is this possible.


It would certainly be easier if the QR bit could all be done on the phone. Sending the true/false result via USB would be the easiest way - hmmm, although I'm not sure if a direct connection between the Android USB and Arduino can be, or has been, done. I think it can be done with Bluetooth too but I haven't seen any hardware to specifically handle that, but if you search the forum you should turn up something.