Arduino Face Detection

Hello. I am a bit of a beginner to arduino so please try to explain things as simple as possible please. I am looking to code an arduino with a camera that recognizes when it sees any human face. My end goal is to be able to add a portion of code that triggers a speaker to play whatever I want once a face is detected. I don't need a camera to follow the face or anything I just want that whenever you step in front of the camera, it will recognize there is a face there and I can add my speaker bit at the end.
Thank you!

Can you describe what that code would be looking for in an array of pixels?

probably just the fact that there is a person there? or the recognition of a face?

So, you don't know what a human face looks like in pixels. Neither do I .

Yeah not really- I'm pretty new to this so I didn't really know where to start with it. Got any advice on where/how to start?

Certainly. Begin with a fast PC and some type of learning capability. Faces come in all shapes and orientations to your camera. Nee some pretty powerful software to determine anything from a picture.

Okay sweet- so this isn't a project that I can just code using resources on the internet or just off raw code? I would have to come up with a learning algorithm of some sort?

I probably wouldn't go that route. @wexler, if you're looking for something stupid simple, you won't find it, face recognition is pretty complicated stuff. That being said, you should look up OpenCV and see if that interests you. It's an open-source computer vision program, and it has built-in face recognition. It will require your PC but you could get a raspberry pi and run it on there if you wanted to be compact.

Yeah, possibly even have to buy one.

Okay I like that idea thank you. Are you saying that I could take the face recognition of openCV and then put it on a raspberry pi so it can be portable for whatever I need it for?

Not saying anything. Your project. Test it!

Yep! Just remember that you'll be getting into (ominous music) linux territory.

Interesting thank you both for the help so far. I will come back to this forum or make a new one if anything goes wrong but I will start to learn more about openCV. appreciate the help once again

Already done for the ESP32-CAM module. About $8 at your friendly on line supplier.

simply spoken you can't use face recognition on an Arduino Uno.
What you can do is mount a PIR Sensor, limit the measurement distance to about 100cm and use the signal of the PIR Sensor to trigger your speaker.

If you are using something else than an Arduino Uno, you should describe what you have and link to the product you have bought.

ESP32-CAM... sample code comes with facial recognition.

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