Arduino <> Firmata <> Visual Basic. NET

hello to all. excuse me for my bad english ... I just received an arduino uno and I aim to communicate with it via the vb. I installed in the arduino "standardfirmata". Then, I connected each output each output of my arduino has the LEDs, the more LED to pins 1,2,3 ... and - on the ground. I was then on: and I executed the program on this page: So far so good after, I was on the site: I downloaded and • • and nothing works. I open the application, I connected to port 5, which corresponds to my arduino but I do not have to change the status of my application in LEDs through this vb. I also tried with "standartfirmata February 2 for uno ..." but it does not work either. I wonder if anyone has tried this application, if you have already encountered this problem and if you could help me. thank you in advance

LED to pins 1,2,3

Pin 1 is one of the Serial pins. You can't use pin 1 and Firmata or and other Serial function at the same time.

so excuse me, I'm connecting from a pin 2.

my goal is to create a graphic interface in vb to control relays

I wonder if the problem is not that we should install a driver for communicating with the uno ... I am totally novice, we recommend this card for my ca ease of use, but I'm lost ...

I'd start with installing Processing, and creating a Processing application that talks Firmata to the Arduino, to see whether the PC and the Arduino talk to each other. Then, move on to VB talking to Firmata on the Arduino. I've never used VB to talk to Firmata. I personally don't like the limitations imposed by the Firmata protocol.

I tried with other software ( and it work properly. but I like to use a vb interface, because my project is started, and I found that Firmati is for communication between the Arduino and the pc in vb