Arduino for Detecting surface of electrical Stove

Hello experts. I am a new member in this forum and it is my first topic.

we have a user centered lab and our project is to build a device or chip that detect unusual situation of Electric stove. for example leaving stove burner ON, when you are finishing cooking and leaving the kitchen.

we focused of Coil Electric stove.

now we have three problems : 1. how we can detect that stove burner is ON and nothing is on it. 2. alerting the user and if s/he is not at home, the device have to cut off the power. 3. this device should be out side the stove, because normal users should buy and implement it with out any technician.

we thought about using camera in the kitchen and doing image processing, we did a survey and we found that users don't like camera in their kitchens. we thought about about proximity sensor and working with infrared. but we don't know anything about it and if we can implement it outside the stove or is it possible if we work with arduino or not ?

we found that this sensors are supported by arduino "Quadrature - Slotted wheel - Reflective - Distance - Light - Reed switch - Magnetic - Hall Effect - Infrared " Sensors.

which of them is the best choice for detecting nothing is on stove and it is still ON ?

what is your Idea ?

I'd probably look at hacking a non-contact thermometer. There's a project on the forum for a low-cost mechanically-scanned thermal camera - forget the scanning part, and make sure that the sensor covers the whole top plate of the cooker.

thanks a lot but I couldn't find it in forum . :(

where is it ?


thanks :D