Arduino force pressure sensor

I am making a project to measure the pressure difference exerted by both legs of a standing person using Arduino and how the pressure difference changes when we tilt ourselves, assuming my max weight will be 80 - 90 kg I am planning to use a pressure sensor like the one shown below. I wanted to know if there are any available sensors that can detect the pressure of the range of 14,000 pa or a force of around 850 N and then send output varying from 0 to 5 volts using Arduino codes.


If anyone can help me out and send me the link to where I can buy these sensors I would be really thankful.

What you have pictured is a Force Sensitive Resistor: FSR | Products - SparkFun Electronics

They have nonlinear response, and the response will also depend very strongly on how the force is distributed over the resistor area. I imagine that quite a bit of experimentation will be required, in order to determine if they are actually useful for your project.

Another source:

This seems a very similar question to another: Problem with fsr402 stability measurements - #2 by stevemj

Again I think that you need a load cell (or two).

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