Arduino/Genuino 101-Serial Port not detected Arduino 1.6.12 and Intel Curie 1.0.


I just got my first arduino. Its an original 101. However, I am unable to run a single sketch since the serial port doesn’t show my arduino. I have tried reinstalling different IDEs twice going back to 1.6.9. Also, I upgraded to El Capitan from Mountain Lion. I am attaching a screenshot. I am clueless since I am a beginner and also I found no resources specifically for this problem related to El capitan and Arduino 101

update 1
My board does turn ON. And the MAC does recognise the Genuino 101 as I checked on the Hardware>USB under About this MAC

update 2
I don’t really have an idea what happened. I will mention few things here. I uninstalled my Arduino from the mac. I think I had left one library folder on my mac. SO the IDE wasn’t uninstalled fully. I did it this time. I reinstalled a 1.6.10 IDE.Strangely when I started it, it asked me for an update to some WIFi adapter. And it showed only two native ports-the incoming bluetooth and one for my BT headset. As soon as I plugged my board in, and refreshed the list for ports, a third serial port popped up dev//cu.usb. something like that. I chose that port and uploaded my first sketch, the Blink example and Voila! it ran :). I think the issue is now solved.

I have the same problem with Genuino 101. Tried connecting it in Windows and GNU/Linux, nothing happens, no USB device connected sound, device is not even listed as Unknown in device manager. In GNU/Linux if I issue lsusb, nothing apart from USB root hubs and my mouse shows up. If however I connect my UNO with the same cable and port device is listed in lsusb output as “Bus 009 Device 005: ID 2341:0043 Arduino SA Uno R3 (CDC ACM)”. With 101 dmesg output also shows nothing if I connect 101, but it shows when UNO was connected. Could my board be dead? Green “ON” LED is lit and there is correct voltage on 3.3V and 5V pins. Are there any checks or procedures that I could do to verify if board is indeed dead?