Arduino GPRS+GSM SIM300 Module+Development Board Ver2

Hi all

I bought a board from ebay, Arduino GPRS+GSM SIM300 Module+Development Board Ver2. But when i try to program it using the arduino software, i don't know which board i should select on the tool option, when i upload the code to the board, I get error " programmer not responding", wonder if anyone knows this board?

ebay address for the board:

I used duemilanove before, installed drivers, and etc, and wrote a small program, and worked. I guess this is not a official board, and the arduino software doesn't work on it, that's the reason, but still, I don't know how to fix it. hope someone in the forum knows the board.


Looking at the schematic and the text of the actual listing, I fail to see where the Arduino part is... except as a word in the title.

The serial port appears to be used to issue AT-commands and not to communicate directly with the microcontroller. I doubt you can use the Arduino IDE to do anything with this board, except open up serial monitor and send it commands.

i think it is a combination of GSM and GPRP board, i searched online, when you try to connect the arduino to internet, you need some shield or whatever to do that, i think that's what the development board is. do you think it is possible to connect this to an arduino board?

thanks for the help.. :) and the time you spent to read the manual..:)

This isn't really a shield. It is just a development board that accepts commands over the serial port. So you'll need to find a way to interface your Arduino to this board. Then the code on your Arduino will send commands to the GPRS module.