Arduino HMI made from C#/PHP

Hi Guys ! Can you please help me on the following setup?


  • (1) Command Center, and (4) separate Stations deployed in (4) different areas in a river

  • Each Station will have:

  • (1) Unit of Arduino Yun. The Arduino Yun Ethernet Port will be connected to a
    directional Sub-Antenna for it to be discovered in the Wireless Virtual Private
    Network with Internet.

(Pls see attached Files for layouts)

  • (1) unit of Rain Gauge sensor hooked into the Arduino Yun to monitor rain in
    the designated area.

  • (1) unit of relay module also hooked into the Arduino. An alarm system (siren + emergency
    light) will be operated using this relay module.

  • The Arduino Sketch will monitor data coming from the soil moisture sensor. And will allow
    triggering of the alarm system via remote commands from the Command Center.

  • The Main Directional Antenna (which acts as the router of the 4 directional sub-antennas) will be
    placed in the Command Center.

  • The Command Center will have the pc server in it with (1) Main HMI-like software that will
    communicate with all the (4) Arduino Yun-equipped stations.

  • The HMI must monitor and process all the moisture sensor data coming from the (4) stations.

  • the HMI will interpret these sensor data into real-time analytic tools such as graphs/charts
  • the HMI will store these sensor data to a database for information retrieval purposes
  • Using this HMI, the user can send remote commands to the 4 stations to trigger their alarm systems

  • The HMI must also have a web-based application version. From which, a number of authorized users
    will act as clients, accessing a web-based HMI (no need for installation, just input an address and
    port to their web-browser). So that they can also monitor and control the 4 stations wherever they
    are through internet.


  • Which from PHP and C# must be used to make the HMI Software (both the Main HMI used in the Command Center, and the Web-based HMI that will be for the authorized users) efficient, accurate, fast, and reliable? Which will be better?

Thanks !

Use whatever is easier for you to develope. you’ll be doing the hard work of coding not us. The question of speed and accuracy is irrelevant. Lots of people use php&c# so question of efficiency and reliability is also irrelevant. C# is usually used on grander enterprises compared to php.