Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.6 non-functional on MacOS

The new Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.6 is non-functional for me. (as all previous betas have been) I'm on MacOS 11.3.1 (Big Sur) on an 2015 MacBook Pro (Intel). I'm a long-time Arduino user with many existing sketches, board packages, and libraries installed.

However the new IDE app is totally non functional on startup with the error:

"Request loadSketch failed with message: 14 UNAVAILABLE: No connection established"

(see image below). The sketch directory does exist, in the standard location ($USER/Documents/Arduino).

I have given the Arduino IDE both "Files and Folders" and "Full Disk Access" in Privacy Preferences.

The problem appears to be some sort of communication failure between the GUI and a backend process. Attached is a zipped file of the application output when invoked via commandline "/Applications/Arduino IDE" (4.5 KB)

I notice this line:

daemon ERROR Error during sketch processing: stat /Users/tod/Documents/Arduino/BlinkM/BlinkMMaxMSP/BlinkM_funcs.h: no such file or directory

Please try this:

  1. Close all Arduino IDE windows.
  2. Rename /Users/tod/Documents/Arduino to /Users/tod/Documents/Arduino.disable.
  3. Start the Arduino IDE 2.x

Does the same problem still occur?

The idea is to temporarily take the contents of the sketchbook folder out of the equation to identify whether the problem is related or not.

Yes, thank you. Nuking my entire Arduino directory does allow the Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta6 to start up, but that kind of defeats the point, doesn't it? The regular Arduino 1 IDE do not have this problem. It definitely shouldn't prevent me from changing Arduino2's sketchbook location in preferences, yet it did.

But by removing the "$HOME/Documents/Arduino" directory, I was able to open the Arduino IDE 2's preferences, change the sketchbook location to something else (in my case "$HOME/Documents/Arduino2beta"). In theory I can now run Arduino1 along-side Arduino2 without conflicts. (Addendum: Seems like Arduino2 IDE just removed everything in my Arduino1 sketchbook (libraries, sketches hand-installed boards) Good thing I backed up that folder beforehand. Subsequent opening of both IDEs has not shown that issue to reappear but it's concerning) I will be hand-backing up my Arduino sketchbook before each Arduino2 use I think.

BTW, the file not found error you mention is for a random sketch that wasn't in in the open documents list ('last.sketch*' & 'recent.sketches' in preferences.txt) . I couldn't imagine it being a problem. I'm more willing to suspect the large 1.7GB espressif board package in "hardware" as causing problems.

Does Arduino2 touch "preferences.txt" in Arduino1? If so, how can I prevent that?

The point was to investigate the problem. We have now gone from "the IDE doesn't work, and we have no clue why" to "something in the sketchbook folder breaks the IDE". That is a very big step forward in the investigation.

OK, that's a reasonable hypothesis. Now it's time to test it with an experiment. If you add back only the espressif package, does the problem come back?

Arduino IDE 2.x does not use preferences.txt at all. It has a completely different system for storing preferences.

The ones of most interest are the Arduino CLI configuration, which you will find at ~/.arduinoIDE/arduino-cli.yaml. It is documented here:

Thank you. Apologies I was short before. Every time a new beta would come out I would try it and every time I would get this error. And no time to debug.

But things I have tried just now:

  • Copying potential suspect directories over like "hardware" and "libraries"
  • I think the Zip backup flattened my symlinks, so I recreated a few libraries as symlinks to directories outside of sketchbook folder (e.g. where my git repos live)
  • Unzipping my entire original "Arduino" folder backup as my Arduino2 sketchbook and starting Arduino2 IDE up

In all cases Arduino2 IDE came up okay. Perhaps one of the previously-unflattened symlinks was the problem? I had given Arduino2 "Full Disk Access" so I shouldn't think so.

No need to apologize. As someone who has spent a great deal of time beta testing Arduino IDE 2.x, I know full well how frustrating this sort of situation can be.

Well, that's no fun. It's an odd situation I often find myself in when beta testing and investigating bug reports where I am actually hoping to experience a bug, whereas normally you are wishing for just the opposite.

The good news is that you are no longer affected by the bug, but the bad news is that we aren't able to generate an effective report to allow the developers to fix it so that it won't affect others in the future.

I had suspicions about something of the sort based on the odd "Error during sketch processing: stat /Users/tod/Documents/Arduino/BlinkM/BlinkMMaxMSP/BlinkM_funcs.h: no such file or directory" error message. I'm not sure what more we can do for now. If you happen to hit it again and get more clues to the cause, please let me know. I'll definitely keep my eye out for similar reports and put some more exploration of symlink handling on my "to do" list for when I get some more time for dedicated beta testing.

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