Arduino IDE Compilation Logs Not Rendered Properly on Ubuntu 20.04

Hello Everyone
I am facing a strange issue, the compilation logs inside the IDE are not rendered properly.

The rest of the installed applications are working fine and do not have this problem.
Does anyone know what could be the reason?

Thanks in advance.

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Which version of the IDE are you using ?

Hi @UKHeliBob
Thanks for your reply, my question is not related to coding/programming.
My question is related to the rendering of text/buttons/etc of Arduino IDE.
As can be seen in the picture, in the compilation logs window most of the output is striking out and this is not the only problem, some buttons/search bar in Library Manager and Board manager is also not displayed properly sometimes.
Another example is

I hope I am clear this time.
And I am using Arduino IDE 1.8.19

Hi @xpress_embedo1. Which operating system are you using? If Linux, which distro?

Please provide a screenshot or a more detailed description of what is not proper.

Is the problem the purple background on the menu?

Hi @in0
I have mentioned the OS name in the subject of the post and it's Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
And the problem is that the Arduino IDE does not render the text, text boxes, logs properly.
I will share the screenshots again with areas highlighted as below.
As can be seen in the below image, the compilation logs are strike-out at some places, but the finals logs are properly displayed.

In the below image I hover my mouse from File to Tools menu, and you can see the Purple color remains there, and strange on Tools drop-down, it is filled with Half color only.

In the below image you can see properly the highlighted boxes are also not rendered properly.

I am using Arduino 1.8.19, and functionality wise I don't see any issue but this rendering issue is a little annoying if someone has some solution for this please share it with me.
Thanks in advance.

(Sorry I am new user and the forum is not allowing me to post multiple images in one post so I have to split them)

Oops. Sorry about that. I looked through the post for it, but didn't see the title!

The reason I was asking is because there have been some reports about problems with the GUI on Arch Linux:

The symptoms were not exactly the same and I don't think there have been any problems reported on Ubuntu through.

How did you install the IDE? What I am wondering is whether you are using the official version of the Arduino IDE downloaded here:

Or if you used a 3rd party package manager version like

Hi @in0
Thank You for your response.
I have downloaded the Arduino IDE from Arudino Website and then installed it in my Ubuntu machine.
Software | Arduino

I have not installed the package from Snap store.
This behavior is strange for me and I have never seen this in the past, and also I couldn't find similar problem on the forums.
Don't know the reason.

Functionality wise there are no issues, only the look and feel is not so good.

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