Arduino IDE is started in minimized format and does not open

So after I installed esp8266 boards in my IDE it is staring in a wearing state (look the screenshot) and I can not open it . Also I don't want to reinstall my IDE because I have many libraries and boards installed and it will be a problem to recover it. Did someone had this? How do I fix this?

What do you mean by "I can not open it"? The screenshot shows the Arduino IDE window open and not minimized.

I don't want to reinstall my IDE because I have many libraries and boards installed and it will be a problem to recover it.

As long as you don't install anything to the Arduino IDE installation folder, no libraries or boards will be lost. If you have installed anything to the Arduino IDE installation folder then they will indeed be lost whenever you uninstall or change to a new version, and that is why you should never install anything to that folder.

Yes but nothing is happening

What do you mean by "nothing is happening"? What do you expect to happen?

I expect to see the IDE window when I open it. but I try to minimize, open it and nothing I don't see anything.

I reinstalled the IDE but the same thing is happening :o it shows that it is opened but nothing appears.

Try this:

  • Rename C:\Users(username)\AppData\Local\Arduino15 to C:\Users(username)\AppData\Local\Arduino15.bak
  • Restart the Arduino IDE

That should provide a full undo of any changes made during the esp8266 boards installation. Does that make the problem go away?

Yes that helped. Thank you!

Very strange. I can't image why installing the ESP8266 hardware package would cause that sort of problem. At least now you have narrowed down the cause of the issue to something in the Arduino15 folder and know it had nothing to do with your Arduino IDE installation.

The Arduino IDE will have automatically created a new Arduino15 folder to replace the one you renamed and also created a preferences.txt file in that folder that has the default File > Preferences settings. If there are other boards packages in Arduino15.bak that you don't want to reinstall you can copy them over to your Arduino15 folder again. If they are a 3rd party package you will also need to add the URLs back to your File > Preferences and open, then close (don't need to install anything) Tools > Board > Boards Manager to make them show back up in the Tools > Board menu again.

If there's nothing more you need from the Arduino15.bak folder you're free to delete it to free up disk space.