Arduino ISP (.ORG) windows Drivers

Good afternoon,

Since the website is no longer available, I'm trying to find the "/" so I can use my Arduino ISP. Windows is looking for the drivers.

I've already tried the drivers from the current website but windows won't accept.


What Arduino? What kind of driver? Look at the chip close to the USB port and tell us its name (ftdi, ch340, or?).
Then we might navigate you to the right driver.

It's basically this one: Arduino ISP
The download/drivers for my arduino ISP doesn't work, as it says unable to find drivers when selecting the driver folder.

Mine is the version. Since you can no longer access the website, you can't download the driver from there.

Luckily, I managed to find on a back-up the file "" from the original website, and all is working well. It would be nice in future that this driver was available to download from the website in case I ever loose it, or if someone else needs it?

Thank you.

You can attach your zip to your post. That might help others and you have your backup :wink:

There is a size limit though.


This thread triggers my question:
Did the .org section use different hardware/drivers compared to the .cc section of the Arduino group? I know they were separated for quite some years but I actually didn't know that it also touched hardware so deeply.

Maybe you have more insights?

I don't know. I have some .org Unos and they work with the standard drivers.

I’m not sure there is much different, except the DeviceID (Vendor ID part)

ArduinoISP: DeviceID = “VID_2341&PID_0049” DeviceID = “VID_2A03&PID_0049”

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as changing the DeviceID in the .inf file. I assume the security catalogue has a signature for checking the DeviceID etc.

I’ve attached the driver for anybody who may need in the future. I wasn’t aware I could. (272 KB)

Thanks @xerof for sharing.
This might help others who run into same issue.


Thanks so much! At last I can go to bed now (2:30 AM...)! After realising that the Atmega 328p does not simply switch to the built-in oscillator if no external is present and wondering for hours what nonsense is up with the ISP not working. Totally forgot that last time I used it was probably before my update to Windows 10. Why is there no official download?