Arduino + LabVIEW (VISA?)

Hey, i'm new to the forum part of arduino, so i'm not 100% sure that i'm on the right place. But yes to my question...

Right now i'm trying to learn the basics of how to write the communication between Arduino and LabVIEW. I have find some stuff with the LIFA(NI LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Toolkit) library but that's not really what i want. I have written my own drivers to the arduino so i dont want to take some already written code.

So what i want to do is simply to write one byte to the serial port that's the arduino is located on and then also be able to read from it. I found the VISA library but i'm not sure how to use it and have not really found anyone that explains it. So i wonder if any one have a link to a tutorial or some one that can give me a example how to use it.

thanks in advance! :)

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I have just started working on an Arduino project that will be using LabView as the GUI. I have created a simple Serial Monitor program in LabView that I am using for debugging purposes. Currently I can send and receive strings to the Arduino from LabView. I do not have the full working code with me but here is a simple example of how to use the Serial Communication Subvis (VISA functions) to setup a read only serial monitor.

The image attached is a screen shot of the Block Diagram and the Front Panel. Of course this code is rather crude, but it shows how to open the COM port using the VISA function, ready bytes in the buffer, display them, and then close the VISA Port.
*The false case is empty, false means nothing is in the serial buffer, so do nothing.

As a side note, I learned this morning that within LabView, attaching “/n” to the end of a string is not the same as attaching the new line constant. That little “feature” drove me nuts for about 45min.


*edit: I forgot to mention your writing request. The VISA setup is the same as with read, just change the read function to write with a few other simple tweaks.

I am talking with an Arduino Uno at 115200 baud with no problems. All of the default VISA settings appear to work just fine. Just make sure your using the correct COM port and baud rate. Also, make sure nothing else is talking to the COM port while you try and establish the VISA connections. i.e you cannot have the Arduino Serial Monitor running at the same time.

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Did you send and receive strings at the same time?

Hello was this resolved ? I am incurring a similar problem.

Ahsial: Hello was this resolved ? I am incurring a similar problem.

What problem?

Look at this video. It is in spanish but there you can see the solution. It worked perfectly for me!