Arduino Leonardo is not recognised


I am using an arduino leonardo board for the first time!

Until now I have been using an arduino uno r3 which always works well.

I selected arduino leonardo board in the tools menu of the ide, but I could not choose a port because it was greyed out.

When I try to upload the code, it shows the following error:

"Couldn't find a Board on the selected port."

Please can anyone help me here.

Yours sincerely,


What does device manager (or the linux/mac version thereof) tell you?

Which OS? Which IDE version?

Hello again, I am using IDE version 1.8.5. What is the OS, and how do I find out what the device manager says? Thank you for your help.


Natha: What is the OS

OS is an acronym for "operating system". This would be Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Natha: how do I find out what the device manager says?

That depends on which operating system you're using.

Hello, Thank you for your help! I am using Windows. Thank you again.


Here's how you open Device Manager: After that, plug in your Leonardo, then tell us whether you see a new device show up in the Device Manager tree.

Hello I followed your instructions and a new device did not show up. Thank you for your time and help.


Usually that means you're using a damaged or charge-only USB cable. Verify the USB cable works for data (not just power) on another device.

May also need a specific driver for the USB chip on board, i.e. CH340 if made in China.

DKWatson: May also need a specific driver for the USB chip on board, i.e. CH340 if made in China.

No, the Leonardo has an ATmega32U4, it has USB capabilities built-in to the main MCU.


If it was a driver issue it would still show up in Device Manager.

Hello, Thank you for all your help. Befor I buy a new cable, is there anything else that I should try.


Just grab another cable. It's always nice to have some spare USB cables even if that's not the problem and they're super cheap.

Hello Thank you for the advice. Where can I find some cables for sale? I had a look on, but I could not find any at a good price.

Thank you again.


If you want super cheap and don't mind waiting for China shipping and gambling with China quality, go to Aliexpress. eBay will be a little more expensive but still cheap. If you want one right away check the local stores. They are sold practically everywhere. I think you can usually get them at the pound store.

Thank you very much! Will the cable in the following eBay link work?

Here is the link:

Thank you for the help.

Most likely that will be fine. I would probably not get such a long cable unless you specifically need it to be that length. The long USB cables are more prone to problems.