Arduino Leonardo not connecting to windows 7 laptop

Just attempted to connect a new leonardo board to my laptop and it doesn't seem to want to work with it. The usual bleep noise you'd expect to hear when connecting hardware via a usb port does not happen and the board does not show up on the device manager (The ports section does not show up on my laptop so i can't update the driver as recommended by some people). On the arduino software, the ports option under tools is also greyed out. Not sure if this is a separate or related issue to the board not connecting.

I've tried the board on two laptops (my win7 and another, which was win8) with the same outcome on both. I'm certain this a common issue but i'm fairly new to this and iv'e tried a couple of solutions which haven't seemed to work.

Thanks in advance for any help.


spycatcher2k: Is there ANY new device in the device manager? have you installed the drivers? are there any leds turned on on the Leo?

Get absolutely nothing happening in device manager. Are drivers not included in the arduino IDE download? The board has the on light turned on when connected via the usb. I previously had it connected to a university pc which recognized it but had some errors when attempting to upload code.



Just attached the board to a desktop with windows xp and it seems to have worked with it (although the same error message is received when uploading the simple blink code). Need it to work on my laptop however, any idea as to what may be the issue?

The leonardo is still not showing in the device manager however.

Sorry to bump this but still having big problems with the board. Anyone got any idea?