Arduino Mega 2560 does not show under serial and parallel ports in NI - Max

Hello as the title states my Arduino board doesn’t show up in NI-MAX. I have followed these steps and installed all software without errors however Labview simply doesn’t recognize my com ports.

There is an error showing under devices and interfaces and i suspect it is connected with MAX being unable to communicate with the serial and parallel ports.

I’m completely lost, NI-VISA NI-DAQ and NI-488.2 are installed as well as the arduino IDE, and LIFA. The firmware was also uploaded to the board.

I’ve already tried multiple installations on different systems with the same results. I must be doing something really stupid but at this point I’m lost and a bit desperate. I Would be really grateful if someone could lend me a hand.

Note 1: Added screenshots and a notepad with my system information so its easier to understand what I have installed.
Note 2: I also posted this same topic at the labview interface community but since I’m really desperate I decided to try this forum as well, hope it doesn’t annoy anyone.

System Information.txt (3.15 KB)

Are you wanting to program the Arduino to be independent and just send and/or receive data from Labview or are you wanting to have the Arduino be completely controlled by Labview?

If you want the Arduino to have its own programming and just communicate with Labview, search for “Advanced Serial” in the Labview Examples, choose COM4 or whatever the MEGA is and whatever Serial.print statements are in your MEGA sketch will show up on the screen.

I have attached a screenshot of a VI (based of the Advanced Serial Read Write Example) I use to monitor the internal workings of a Micro I am trying to finish setting up.