Arduino Mega 2560 REV 3 compatibility with Arduino Due Shield

Hi everyone,

I am new to Arduino. I found a shield for Arduino Due and I’m wondering if I can use it on my mega 2560 since Due and Mega have the same layout?


Also, the Due is 3.3v, mega2560 is 5v. If the shield is 3.3v only, it will be damaged by connecting to a 5v board.

Check the documentation for the shield.

They appear incompatible for the reason DrAzzy mentions. It’s difficult to say for sure as no schematic is provided on the manufacturers website.

What feature of the shield are you looking for? The I2C or the XBee socket?

I2C. I'm trying to add 4-20mA analog input on my Arduino mega. Then I found a 8 Channel I2C 4-20mA Current Receiver which needs to connect to this Arduino due shield first.

Link for 8 Channel I2C 4-20mA Current Receiver:

Link for Shield: Dual I2C Shield for Arduino Due with Modular Communications Interface -

That current receiver is a 5v I2C device. It does not require any shield for use on a 5v Arduino - that shield provides connectors of the type that that particular manufacturer uses (and since it's for a due, level shifting as well...), but nothing about the description of that device looks to require a shield. It can be connected straight to the I2C pins on the Mega2560 board and the 5v and ground pins.

Gotchu. Thank you so much!