Arduino Mega and TFT-Display not working

Hey Together,

I have an Arduino Mega and a 2.8" Tft-Display-Shield from Adafruit. The Display is for the Arduino Uno, but the documentation says it can also be used with the Arduino Mega. Therefore it is needed to "solder three jumpers and you can use it at full speed on a Leonardo or Mega as well."

Display: 2.8 TFT Touch Shield for Arduino with Resistive Touch Screen : ID 1651 : $34.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

The Problem is that i don't know where i should solder these.
I know that the SPI-Pins on the Uno are Digital 13,12,11 and on the Mega 50,51,52.
I think i need to connect the ICSP-Pins of the Mega to some Pins on my Display-Shield.
The Problem here is that the back of the Display looks a little bit different than the one i linked above. My Display got no ICSP-Connectors, just some Pin-Holes on the side.
I guess i need to connect a jumper from the ICSP-Pins to these holes, but i dont know which hole belongs to which Pin.

I would appreciate if someone could help me.
If you need further information let me know.


Where it says Leo/Mega use ICSP

cut the the three solder-bridges marked 11, 12, 13 with an Xacto knife.
solder the three bridges marked ICSP.

Now your screen will work on a Uno, Leo, Mega2560, Zero, Due, …

Just by plugging the Shield into the Arduino header sockets as Nature intended.

There is no need to connect any jumper wires.

If you want to use it on an STM32 Nucleo board you “make” the three solder-bridges marked 11, 12, 13
But remember to “un-make” before you use it on Leo, Mega2560, Zero, Due


Thanks for the quick reply.

To use the ICSP pins was just a guess from me, it is not stated in the documentation.

The problem is that i dont know where these solder bridges are, i cannot find them.


See the two square pads under the P of the printed ICSP on the Shield pcb
With your soldering iron, apply some solder. The two squares will "join" with molten solder.

Repeat for the two square pads under the C

Repeat for the two square pads to the bottom left of the I (and above the printed SCK)

Cut the fine gold line between the two square pads above the 13.
Cut the fine gold line between the two square pads above the 12.
Cut the fine gold line between the two square pads above the 11.

The pair of adjacent square gold pads on a pcb is known as a "solder-bridge".
These are usually "normally open". You apply solder to "make"
Your "13, 12, 11" solder-bridges have a fine gold line between the pads. i.e. unusually "normally closed"

When you cut the fine line it turns the "normally closed" into "open".
Subsequent solder "makes".
Subsequent "heat and wipe" with a soldering iron will "un-make"


Thank you for the advice.

I have to apologize, the display i linked above is actually not the display i have.
They sent me an other display but stated it was from adafruit.
So on my display-shield there are no solder-bridges.

Here is the link to the display i have: ELEGOO 2.8 Inches TFT Touch Screen with SD Card Socket For Arduino – ELEGOO Official

But my question is the same with this display, how do i get it to work on an Arduino Mega?

Thanks for your help, i am completely new to this and still learning everyday.

EDIT: It is working now, there was just a problem with the library.
Thanks again for your help!


Yes, you should do some serious grovelling !!!

It is very important that a member posts accurate links to the actual display that she has bought.
It takes 10 seconds from your life.

But it ensures that you get sensible replies.

Anyway. Thanks for the new link.

  1. Install MCUFRIEND_kbv via IDE Library Manager.

  2. Plug Shield into MEGA2560 as Nature intended.

  3. Run all the MCUFRIEND_kbv library Examples

  4. Report back with the actual controller ID from the examples.

  5. When we know the ID, we might advise some alternative libraries.


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