Arduino MKR1000 - Couldn't find a Board on the selected port


I read many have a similar problem, but not the same: ArduinoMKR1ooo port is grayed out. Yes, double-click the reset button helps make the port visible again.

And when I start uploading/evaluating the code, It almost finishes and then fails with the words: “Couldn’t find a Board on the selected port”, and quite correct the port is not visible anymore. Interesting enough I can often see on “” that the new values sometimes are updated on the board, even if it fails.

In periods of time things working stable, but suddenly it does not work anymore. I use a PC, the Arduino IDE and downloaded the latest libraries. I have tested on the 3 different MKR1000 boards, several USB ports, different USB cables, and 2 computers. There is no problem uploading to an Arduino Uno. I do not think there are any hardware issues.

My problem started when using “analogRead” and #include <dht11.h> , but removing it from the code doesn’t fix the problem again, can it be a crash with libraries or something?

I don’t know what to look for have to say. Thanks for any advice

On some of the very very early boards there were some issues with some of the basic sketches.
This was resolved with a newer firmware IIRC.
My BETA MKR1000 suffered some issues until the upgrade.

Could you check you have the latest firmware for your boards by using the check firmware version example sketch for the MKR.

See this post also

That was another side effect of early firmware but the instructions hold true.

Thanks for answering.

I thought since my 3 MKR1000 behave the same way, the problem had to be on the PC software side. Running the test gave this result (under), so later today I will run the “Firmware and certificates Updater”.

<WiFi101 firmware check.

WiFi101 shield: DETECTED
Firmware version installed: 19.4.4
Latest firmware version available : 19.5.4

Check result: NOT PASSED

  • The firmware version on the shield do not match the
    version required by the library, you may experience
    issues or failures.>

I have had a similar problem and tried all sorts of solutions. I had been using a number of different boards, a UNO R3 and a MKR1000. I had wrongly assumed that when connecting the UNO to the PC that the board would automatically be recognized. The solution was to make sure that the Board Manager (found under Tools) has the correct board selected.