Arduino, Motor driver L 293 D & dc motor

I'm trying to create a 2 wheeled robot car for the 1st time but my motors are not running. Can someone please help as I need to submit my project today.

I have used arduino, motor driver - L 293 D & 2 dc motors.

I have made the connection as follows :

Arduino to motor driver

3 = i1 on motor driver
4 = i1 on motor driver
5 = i1 on motor driver
6 = i1 on motor driver

Left Motors - M1 & M2 on motor driver
Right Motors - M3 & M4 on motor driver

9V Battery : +ve to 12V & -ve to gnd on motor driver.

Powering Arduino through USB

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No one can help you, because you haven't given enough information.

Post your code, not a screen shot.
Post a schematic of how everything is connected.
Post details of the components you are using. Arduino used, motors, drivers.

Due today... and you haven't even got the motors turning... nothing like leaving it to the last moment.

void setup() {
pinMode(3,OUTPUT); // LEFT MOTOR


void loop() {
digitalWrite(4,LOW );

I checked the voltage across the dc motor terminals when Arduino was powered by USB. The Voltage is zero. Also when checked across the motor driver terminals M1 & M2 or M3 & M4, the voltage reading was zero. However, on the driver, between positive & negative terminal, the voltage is 9 V

What driver board are you using?

Do you have these pin connected?


They supply power to the driver chip. Won't work without power. Connect to 5v and GND.

I have connected 9 V battery terminals to 12 V pin & gnd pin on the driver.

Should I connect another 9 V battery to 5 V & gnd terminal on the driver board ?


The 9v is to power the motors.

The 5v is to power the driver chip and circuitry. Looks like it expects 5v... connect the 5v and GND from the Arduino.

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Ohh okk. I'll check. Can you please let me know which Arduino pins to use ?

The ones that say 5v and GND...

Ok thanks. I'll check & update

Hi, It didn't work

Post a clear picture of how every thing is now connected.

... and a closeup pic of the driver board.

What happens if you connect the 9v battery directly to the motor?

Hi, Thanks for your help. It started working. The motor driver was at fault. I replaced it & instantly it worked out. Thanks

The reason is there is no L298D IC in the board and your new board had the IC

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