Arduino Nano 3.0 + NRF24L01

Hello all,
I have been reading, testing codes and changing wiring between my Nano 3.0 and NRF24L01 for the last two days without luck.
I tried the nrf24 master, mirf and radiohead examples without luck. I also soldered two 100nf capacitors on nrf’s.
At the same time I have read quite controversial posts about the ability or not of nano to feed nrf24 through its 3.3V source.
Is there anyone who has managed to make such a setup to work?
Any sample code or links to tested tutorials will be highly appreciated.
Attached photo shows my hardware.
Thank you for your time!

The USB Interface chip on the Nano only supplies up to 50 ma. That may NOT be enough to run the nRF24L01. Yiou can TRY a larger capacitor, but a separate 3.3V supply may be necessary.

See this discussion:

Hi Antonis.

I have definitely had nano 3 and NRF24L01+ modules working together.

See this thread:

Initially, my problem was that I was attempting to use A6 or A7 output as a digital pin, which does not work on Nano 3. Once this was corrected, the module began to work, but the range was poor. The poor range was due to the required current at 3.3V. However, a medium sized cap (e.g. 10uF) solved the problem and I was able to get range of >15M even through a thick stone wall.


Hi, I updated the page on ArduinoInfo.Info HERE: to show a capacitor value of 3.3 to 10 uF. I have often used 3.3 uF tantalum caps here.

Thank you both for taking time to reply my topic. I will search the sources you attach and let you know. Thank you again! :)