Arduino Nano 3.0 vs. 3.1 - Difference(s)?

Hiya. I'm a noob. A couple of buddies have been trying to get me to go Arduino for years, now. I pretty much dropped this corner of my Hobby Realm after hitting many limits with BASIC/SX/Javelin/Etc. stamps and not wanting to take time to go to the lower levels. I saw all of the neat-o Arduino stuff in Microcenter and other stores around Dallas, and I resisted and resisted. I knew this would also mean another hole in my wallet, if I ever got into it. THEN, one of my buddies noticed Arduino boards on DealExtreme. I poked around, and found the Nanos for less than $17.00USD ( Perfect!

Welp. Here I am, several weeks after digging an old project out. I have one Nano 3.1 from Gravitech (it was more expensive, but shipped way faster than the 15-million week Hong Kong shipping of DX). I am finished with design and am reaching the end of my prototype build phase - just a few more programming bugs and I will begin the build on the beta test model of my device.

And, today, my 3 DX Nano 3.0's arrived. Now, I am worrying about the differences.

The most obvious difference is a lack of headers at the end of the board for ICSP. No big deal, for me. The labeling is less legible on the 3.0 and the reset button is larger and white. Again, only physical differences which should not affect my design.

Are there any other differences, no matter how subtle, between 3.0 and 3.1?


refinement of the board, smaller components in some cases, a blue LED seems to be about the only differences

if your current board has a 328 clocked at 16mhz, and your other boards match, there is really not much of a difference, when it comes down to it its a atmega clocked at 16MHz with a bootloader, not some big complicated thing