I work for a contract mfg and have a project currently calling out an Arduino Nano v3.1 or newer.

What is the difference between the two versions 3.0 and 3.1, and why does it appear we cannot purchase the later version but the 3.0 appears to be available for purchase thru normal electronic component distribution.

This is a new bid for our company and we are unable to proceed because of this component.

Any information would be helpful and if you could please reply via email as well.

Thanks for your assistance.

I don't think there is any electrical difference but some of the components are smaller. Does it need to interface in a physical way (do you press the reset button in use or anything)?

Where did Nano 3.1 come from? Products page only show 3.0

The callout on our customer's bill of material is Nano V3.1 or newer, so it originates there for us, but not sure where our customer found the 3.1 spec at. which is why I am struggling a bit to complete our bid. Yes the board interfaces with another pwb so if the different versions are physically different it could pose a problem in the design as well. Thanks for the help, still trying for definitive answer.

Guess you need to ask the customer for clarification then.
I think designed it, and they don't even show a 3.1
Arduino Nano 3.0 with ATMEGA328