Arduino Nano gets really hot when I plug it in

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Recently, when I was doing a project with a breadboard, my Arduino started to get really hot. Like, 1st degree burn type hot. I unplugged my USB plug, and tried to cool it off. I think it was caused by improper wiring.

However, now, even if my Arduino is off of the board, it still gets really how when I plug it in. How can I fix this? No component really seems to be damaged.

Lets see how things were wired ?

Do you have a second Arduino ?

Does the basic Blink sketch work, ? (remove all external connections other than the USB cable)

High heat often indicates a blown processor; the IO protection diodes fail as shorts, connecting VCC and GND internally and really heating up when power is applied. Unless you have access to hot air removal tools to replace the 328P, perhaps the FT232 (not as likely), or the voltage regulator (not likely if you've been powering from USB), that Nano is likely shot.

Be more careful with your wiring on the next one.

No, I just have 1 arduino, and every time i plug in the board, it gets really hot, no matter what.

Time to buy a few more Arduinos.

I had a Leonardo clone where the regulator would get really hot when USB power was connected. Which component of your Nano is getting hot?

The big central microchip. The thing gave me a first degree burn.

Stick your left hand finger in ice water throw the board in the garbage with your right hand.


Don't despair.
Everyone does it sooner or later and it only takes a millisecond to blow it.
If the whole chip is very hot, imagine what the delicate bits in the middle (the die) must be like.
If it is the processor, you can replace it, but whether it's worth it, I'm not so sure.
However, if you like a soldering challenge, it can be done.

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Yes, the chip is replaceable, if you can find one to buy. They are out of stock in most places.

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