Arduino Nano Overheating / Stopped Working

Hi! I am using an Arduino Nano for my project, and last week it was working perfectly fine, but for some reason today it has started overheating almost the second I plug it in and no longer runs my program. I'm using a USB connection to my laptop (that has not changed from the past). I also haven't changed any of the wiring or any of the code. I'm not sure what could've happened / how I can fix it?

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Typically that's from a poor external design to start, lack of current limiting resistors on IO pins, caused clamping diodes to fail, which shorts VCC to GND internally and causes the overheating or kills the chip. Or an IO pin got shorted to >5.5V and cause the same effect.

If you pull the 328P off the board:

  1. Do you measure 3.3V and 5V on the power header? If yes, the power regulators are good.
  2. If you connect Rx to Tx, then open the serial monitor, does what you type get repeated back? If yes, the USB interface chip is still good.
  3. Was the 328P chip getting hot? Then it's dead and needs replacing.

Post a schematic of what else you had connected.

Buy another one. It's not really worth fixing.

Serious now; start by telling us what is overheating?

Without knowing what is/was connected (and how) at the time that it failed, how everything was powered it's further difficult to determine a possible cause.

@CrossRoads, on a Nano, it is quite difficult to pull the 328P of :wink:

@sterretje here is a diagram of the connections. The whole thing gets really hot really fast (not specifically the 328P), especially the port where the USB cord goes in to.

Edit: I'm not sure where my diagram went, I'll try to attach again

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Does it do that even with nothing connected?

If it doesn’t, then something is connected wrong or has failed to a near-short-circuit.

If it does, you did something awful to the board and some part is now failed to near-short.

Not solving your problem.

Something does not make sense. You have a voltage converter (power boost in your diagram) to power your Nano and the rest of the system. Because you have connected it to Vin of the Nano, it must be at least 7V. The same voltage goes to all your other devices that are only rated for a Vcc of 5V or 3.3V.

The bluetooth devices that I know are 3.3V devices.