Arduino NFC /RFID data sharing

Hello all,

I'm new to Arduino so I'll try to keep this short and to the point.

Setup 2 Arduinos that can share small [preset] data packets via NFC or RFID. Similar to a "bump data transfer."

I assume I would be able to equip each Arduino unit with a reader as well as a tag

I'm unsure of any sane way to accomplish this task without the host device also reading its own tag. Is there a more obvious approach I am overlooking? I do not want to use Bluetooth as I want this to be a close range action.

Right, RFID won't work with multiple tags "in view".

If you don't like other RF methods, you also can use IR transmission.

A broad range of RF frequency bands and transceivers is available, from 27MHz to 2.5GHz, with various protocols (WLAN, Bluetooth, XBEE...).